FIND NEWS comes from the saying “Past”. It means knowing the A New asked the old. My life of our contemporary is made up by the demonstration of the experience obtained by the challenge of our predecessors. FIND NEWS captures studied the essential meaning, is a population with such a aspirations that go out birth to live how and products, such as can be the future of the essence.
FIND NEW WAYS, many people with ambition FIND NEW PRODUCTS will continue to lead to the next generation as the creator of the natural lifestyle to become happy.

CONCEPT NATURAL (natural concept)

FIND NEWS Since its founding in 1990, has conducted research and development, production and domestic and overseas production guidance of herbs. We, natural strength in the many years of contact with nature, fear, life, regenerative power, we have felt the blessing. We also experienced the difficulty of creating a product that is loved by many people taking advantage of the power of nature to know the correct relationship side with nature.

It is such we aim of the “NATURAL CONCEPT (nature concept)”. Carefully considered the relationship between animals and plants, minerals on the relationships and the earth with a variety of human in living the era, the motto of “Natural from Nature” = “natural thing is born from nature”, It has set a ” NATURAL CONCEPT (nature concept)”. We have cultivated up to now, taking advantage of the experience, such as research and development to commercialization from the production of the plant, it will continue to the challenge to create the best products so as to be able to help you to more of everyone.

Corporate philosophy

For healthy and natural lifestyle, we aim to create sustainable agriculture and products created and services.

Company Profile

Company name FIND NEWS INC.
Address Ajimumachi Kamiichi305-1,Usa-shi,Oita,Japan 872-0511
Manufacturing License ・Oil License
・Drink and Food License
・Cosmetics License 44C0X00009,44CZ200007
Establish Date April 26, 1990
Capital stock 99,897,000 yen
Research and patent ・he useful data of the plant of basic research, functional analysis of another area for cultivating the same plant, other co or raw data provided preservation by
inhibition of platelet aggregation by-plant (Joint Patent) Patent Number: No. 4,649,632tokkyo


・Regional activation business: Farm & Factory
・Organic support business: Natural Products